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You told us and we listened so we are back

As with all great things, they take time to develop and mature. There is no difference when it comes to websites and how they look and feel, we know that, look at our previous site. With all jokes aside, you talked and we listened and so we have taken the time to reinvest in our main tool that serves you, our site. After three and half months of developmenet, it is finally complete and we hope that you enjoy the look and feel of the site.

Other than the changes to the appearance, what else can you expect? Well, we have partnered up with some of the best blog and article writers in the industry when it comes to biking and automotives, we are sure the content created will be valuable, new and timely. In addition to the new content writers, we have also created an awesome network of news letters and subsription packages that can be used to stay even more informed in the industry changes and updates. We have content on the best vintage bikes from around the world, a bunch of updates on from our site on our London event and lots more, so stay here!

We have also added submenus which have tons and tons of information from past articles and posts we did from way back in the day, so if you care to have a peruse then you might find great interest in doing so. Other than the above, not much has changed, it is still the same friendly lot behind the blog posts and weekly videos, if you have any questions as always feel free to contact us directly. We hope you enjoy the content on the site. Peace and love!